Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Following

So recently I've been going to industry parties, and I'd say at this point I'm a groupie. I thoroughly enjoy taking part in the free booze and random atmosphere. I feel adult and actually semi trendy. Tonight's party included two open bars, half a dozen kegs, DJ, popcorn machine and a hotdog vendor. Plus at one point some one dropped off about three hundred sliders from Pop burger. Amazing!

We all know the story of the last one I went to and I was a tad drunk when I rambled on to this hot aussie about him and he pretty much tore him apart, calling him fat and arrogant. I didn't think much of this guy except holy shit, you're hot but I couldn't stop myself from being 'that hung up on her ex' girl.
Tonight at another party, hot Aussie came up to me on his way out. I hadn't had almost anything to drink so my nerves were quite visible as he quickly asked me if he was here and asked how I was doing. I was in kind of shock and really said nothing clever or funny. Also, let me remind you that I still don't know his name or where he works, but clearly he's in the circuit of parties and works somewhere in the ad biz. A potential perhaps? The truth is, if he wants to really meet me, he'll find me. Unless he remembers no details about me through the previous drunken haze.

I traded cards with this one girl who invited me to a party next week, so perhaps I'll see him there. Even if it turns out his has a GF, hot aussie guys travel in packs. I just need to show him the real charming, awesome me and not the 'pathetic help me make my ex jealous' me.
Holy crap- can I just say, what a difference a day makes and (ahem) less drinking. Happy four day weekend!

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