Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pre birthday wish

It’s my birthday tomorrow, well in minutes. In previous years I’ve danced on bars, cried in bathrooms, worn a tiara, kissed a male flight attendant, ate with Ninjas and belly dancers. I take my birthday to be my own national holiday. I don't expect rose petals to be thrown in my path, but ya know, it would be nice. For one day- that's all I'm asking!

This year, I’m just telling people to meet me at a bar. Simple, low key. I feel like I have a Buffy birthday curse this year, just waiting for things to go wrong. Zombie attacks or something. I’ve been unfocused with stress from family and work. I’ve had little time to check in on myself but time to chain smoke again and lose sleep.

Keeping expectations low is a good idea, and drinking to a minimum. Okay, maybe just a mild medium amount...(said the kiss of death).

I’m not desperately eager for the new year to start like last year, nor am I needing a solo escape. This year, plain and simple I want to have a good night. I want one night of fun.

I've been too uneasy, stressed, and complacient recently. I've let things just happen without asking questions or a fight. I'm used to fighting and feeling good about battling, without it exhausting me.

I'm tired of fighting and thinking, for one night, I want the drinks bought for me...see, a tad simpler then sprinkled rose petals.

Whatever happens in the next year, love, heartbreak, success or failure, it'll happen to a stronger me.

And oy...guess who the midnight/happy bday text was just from? Yup. Some people just don't leave you alone. Well, it's good to have a fan.

Twenty-seven sure should be interesting.


  1. Happy Birthday my Buffy loving blogger friend. I just find that if I don't think about it too much, it doesn't all really matter. Although its hard for me to do, it will eventually work.

    And the new year? Puh, who cares. People put too high of expectations on it. Which is why I keep to my schedule of going to bed by 9PM.

  2. Happy birthday, and a sprinkle of virtual rose pedals for you path!

  3. Happy birthday lady! Hope you have a great night.