Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just In Case Someone Asks

“What do you want?”

His words came over me like thick smoke. I knew there was no middle ground and no compromise that could leave us both sane. It was either wanting a little and left feeling unsatisfied or asking for everything and left feeling unsatisfied. How do I ask for love again when I stopped believing in it? It had turned into a fairy tale. Can I just tell him that I want tonight?

Will he understand that I just want a moment of peace without it ending in a question. Can’t he just take me in his arms, smooth down the stress in my neck and in one movement just attach on to me. It may not be fair or smart but why not just be with each other now because it’s needed. I don’t need him to follow me into the next day or carry all my thoughts.

I want him to just hold me now as if we both believed in forever.

And if you really think about just wanting that, it's not scary and it's not too much, it's real and it's enough.


  1. One day at a time, and enjoying the moments. The fairy tales are real, just remember like the movies though they end when the lights go up...until the next one.