Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now Up To Date

No word from C since I texted him a week ago. He’s done. Thanks for the notch in my belt though. Overall Sir you get a B- you liked the same movies/ music I do, enjoyed beer as much as I do, and lasted at least 25 minutes in bed. Thanks for the triple crown that one night at your place!

The Brit texts/booty calls me once every few days. I had lady troubles last week so I should be itching to get into the sack with him but his apartment just feels too far away and I need to wash my sexy underwear. So that’s on hold.

The ex and I email/text almost every day. I’m seeing him tomorrow night at a panel event. I’m not overanalyzing this one folks...let me tell you:

It’s pretty simple, I want the comfort of a friend close by who knows me.

I was with my mother this weekend and we were going through old family albums. She found one picture and pointed to it ‘We were happy then.’ was all she said. The end of twenty-five years of marriage and she could only point to one picture in the whole book.

Like I said, I want the comfort of a friend close by who knows me. It’s as simple as that.

He’s in the present and right now, consistent. So I’m giving myself a pre holiday break and enjoying the friendship with no other assumptions or worries. Pain is inevitable, whether it’s now or in twenty-five years. So I’m dipping in and enjoying the now.

And don't worry, a friend is setting me up next week. Give me a little credit, I haven't let go of the reigns just yet.


  1. Good for you for enjoying the now. And good luck next week!

  2. Oh no, at blind date. Usually those just lead to me finding out how little my friends know about me.