Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Diary from May 16, 2007

"Okay, I've met:
the emotionally damaged South Bostonian,
the horny aggressive Jew,
the shy older pizza delivery guy,
the emotionally vain actor,
the insincere senior,
the cheats on girlfriend drummer,
the out of towner Irish man,
the out of towner surfer Virginia Beacher,
the tequila drinking one night only Italian architect,
the horny aggressive iBanking Jew,
the just want to be friends emo guy,
the sensitive southern guitar player,
the i can't be sober when I'm with you long islander,
the horny mother's boy blind date jew,
the i'm different from the others film crew guy,
the i may or might not be single T.A,
the sarcastic flirting is a sign of verbal abuse
but there's something about your smile coworker,
the great date but won't call you ever again cameraman,
the i only find your number at 2am trust funder,
AND the I'm not gay six-appletini flight attendant,

All I'm asking for is to meet a guy
whose not gay,
who isn't from out of town,
who doesn't want a fling,
who doesn't have a girlfriend,
whose not a coworker,
who can legally drink and
who can buy me a beer, tell me I'm pretty, pick up the fucking phone
and call me the next day."

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