Monday, November 30, 2009

Flashback: Birthday Resolutions One Year Ago

Note that this list has been unaltered:

1. Have more frequent sex.
2. Be more on time.
3. Daily cleaning of apartment.
4. Follow current events daily (,
5. Buy cookbook and cook once a week.

My response one year later:

1. Check and with the lingerie to match.
2. Eh. I mean...I don't snooze any less, but I'm more aware that I'm snoozing while I'm doing it now.
3. Have a cleaning lady who I call every couple months when I get really disgusted with what I find on the bottom of my socks.
4. A large pile of unopened NY Times has gathered in the main hallway of my apartment, which makes me look like I can't read or like to hoard neighbors mail.
5. I made fried mashed potatoes/stuffing balls the day after thanksgiving to reward myself for watching an entire Rachel Ray cooking segment and not slamming my ears through a hard object.

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