Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noiseless Complaint

Ok if there was one thing I could complain about, it's his work schedule. And it's unfair of me to even go any further then that because we work in the same industry, for the same company and we both work crazy hours, in very unpredictable patterns.

He was out of town all last week for a commercial shoot and normally if he's away and I have free time I really, really start to miss him and I get a little down about it. But last week I worked till 1AM each night. Even if he were here in town, I wouldn't have been able to see him once last week, not even for coffee, because I worked over 70 hours.

Then of course when I saw him on Sunday I was a little antsy for the obvious randy 'distance makes the heart grow fonder' reasons but I had my period. Now, it's the night before every one flies out of town for turkey day and I'm stream-free and all I want for him is to come over but alas, he's working. And I'm packing in plaid pjs. Of course.

I can bitch all I want to him (and I do) but I can't really make it a problem because he's waited for me to get out of work many, many times...outside my apartment, Starbucks, the bar around the corner-
And when I say waited, I mean...
"I know we had plans at 8 but I'm wrapping up, just dealing with something that came up."
dissolve to three hours later...
"Holy crap I need a beer now, I'm sorry, let's go now."

So that's it. Honestly, only thing I can really complain about and would change. You know, just for him to conveniently be around at my beck and call to take me out to dinner if on the rare occasion I ever get out of work before eight o'clock.

But, to be fair, he doesn't complain and neither should I. Him hogging the covers, now that's something to really bitch about.

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