Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The month is half way over and for whatever reason I think something is happening. I've felt this way since the start of 2012. March has been on my radar. No real reason except a feeling I've had for months. It's like a song stuck in my head.

A tarot card reader confirmed it because three 3's were lined up at one point during my reading. He said I would be given an offer from someone in my past but I already know how I'm going to respond. Vague and yet an annoyingly exact prediction at the same time. There's been no offer yet but there's been a shift. Small, slow signs from the outside world.

One of my best friend whose notorious for being a commitment phobe is letting her boyfriend of two months move in with her. This may not seem like a big deal but it's like a meat eater turning vegetarian over night. Also, she met him online. She had always been very anti-online dating and decided to give it a shot. Her one and only date was with this guy.

I was home going through cluttered drawers this past weekend and I found something my Grandma left for me that I wasn't supposed to find. There was a note on it that it was from her, to be given to me on my wedding day. I put it back and was shaken the rest of the day.

It's not that I had resigned myself to not get married but I had stopped thinking it was for me, like a hat that doesn't fit right.

Then I found that gift that was given in the past to a hypothetical future me. And it reminded me that getting married isn't just a reflection of how I feel now about long term relationships (cough cynical cough) it's about a set part of life that for whatever reason, needs to be experienced. In good or bad, like everything else, it's a chapter that should be included.

I don't know what these signs mean...I'm ready for love? The universe thinks I am? Is the offer going to come from me rather than someone else?

I hate tarot cards. They're torturous little pieces of cardboard.
Cards aside, March has something about it.
Maybe it's the summer weather or my new shopping addiction, or the premier of Hunger Games around the corner.

I'm telling you though, there's something about this month.

At the very least, girl scout cookies are coming in this month, so that's a plus.


  1. I love this post. I try never to place too much attention on tarot/psychic readings, but it's impossible not to look for things when we know some signs are pointing a certain direction (if that makes any sense. forgive me; i'm still on my first cup of joe). i once had a psychic tell me i'm going to experience a very difficult time getting pregnant which made me upset at first and now i think i'll have that in the back of my head forever, or at least until i DO finally get pregnant (and no, i'm not trying).

    anyway, i'm also very excited about the hunger games :)

    as for your friend: i wish her the best of luck. i've only been with my bf for the past 5 months and that seems too soon to me, but to each his (her) own. i hope all goes well for them.

    i agree though. there is something about this month that is making me feel alive again. maybe we've been stuck in isolation/hibernation for far too long. or maybe i'm just speaking for me here :)

  2. Lucky friend, first online date and now moving in together.

    I personally don't put too much stock into tarot or horoscopes, but they are fun to read.

    I can't wait for the Hunger Games!!

  3. I personally believes in what the tarot cards are saying. just sayin'