Monday, February 28, 2011

Here's Looking At You

I read in Cosmo recently that if you blow dry your hair while naked, you’ll have higher esteem for your body. Thus your confidence will be noticed by other men and they'll be attracted to you. I liked this idea a lot- looking at yourself in the mirror and appreciating you, and letting it effect the inner self.

I am taking on this challenge, widening its spectrum and putting it into place as many times as I can each day. For me.

Whenever my reflection is near, in a bathroom, against a storefront window or from a glossy phone- I’m going to take the time to appreciate myself. Whether it takes one minute or five, I’m going to wait and watch for my inner smile. It'll be awkward as hell but why not try to turn up the inner esteem dial a bit?

No bad hair day, awkward blemish or tired eyes will stop me. I will push pass any flaws I see, whether they’re visible or not, and I will smile, a real smile.

I’ll think about whatever mistakes I’ve made that day and I’ll leave them in the back of my reflection.

In those moments I give myself, I’ll give myself a break.

Because being ten minutes to late spin class doesn’t mean I didn’t go.

Because eating Girl Scout Cookies isn’t going to ruin my diet.

Because not getting out of bed till 1 on Saturday isn’t tail spinning into a depression, it’s giving my mind a break.

Because cutting out the bad in my life doesn’t make me a bitch, it makes me strong.

Because being human doesn’t mean apologizing for my mistakes, but learning how to tell their stories.

Because I owe it to the last long and hard two years to smile more.


  1. Good for you for treating YOURSELF better because you deserve it as we all do. I def believe in confidence in oneself transferring into all kinds of positive results from the way that people respond to it in a wide variety of ways and different arenas (personal and professional). It is hard to be nice to ourselves ALL the time though, so if you have a moment where you cant find the inner smile, forgive that too. Cheers, T.

  2. Nice- I always blow dry my hair naked b/c I get too hot!! Haha

    Good for you is right!! Way to go for coming up with all that! Now, just follow through! (;

  3. This is a good idea! Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!

  4. I love this idea. So glad that I found your blog!