Monday, June 7, 2010

Bitter Betty

I don't complain. Okay, well I don't complain until I hear complaints about things that aren't really problems but people making little things more difficult.

I'm fortunate and I know this. Hell, I just came from volunteering at a black tie event, in a killer dress, and drinking champagne all night.
I have a steady job, my independence from my family and good health. I am constantly focusing on my passions and the woman I want to be. I'm lucky.

But when I have to sit and listen to a friend bitch about the second guy in one week to ask her out and put moves on her, 'even though (gasp) she thought they were just friends and is really confused', I want to yell and hit something.

Though I'm doing well (note- better than fine but not good) and I still have my down moments,
I can't help but be reminded that I'm on my own little island as I focus on my passions and the woman I want to be and most of the times it's lonely as fuck. So I'm sorry if I really have nothing to say as you try to figure out why soandso tried to kiss you and if getting drinks with the other whathisname is a date or not.
Let me help you out- he likes you and (gasp) so does the other guy.

And stop telling me my ex is an ass. I have to see him everyday and play nice and ignore his flirty winks- believe me- I know he's a clueless self absorbed ass AND he's gained weight. But the damn butterflies are still there, so don't look at me for encouragement on your dating life right now.


  1. I just noticed some traffic coming through this site, had no idea you were linking to me, so thank you and I will add you to my blog as well!

    That said, yeah, I've had friends like this, and I hear you loud and clear. So annoying.