Friday, June 25, 2010


I guess my most recent facebook stalking was successful. (lie)

He's no longer listed as single. He took that status off. This was something I mentioned to him once while we were together. And he said he barely used facebook anyway (which is true) and he really didn't know what his status was. I didn't bring it up again. So he remained single on facebook. I stopped caring about it because it is just facebook. My own status was taken off a long time ago cause I just didn't want to deal with it being there.

So any guesses as to why now he removed the status now? Please don't state the obvious, it hurts too much. I'm looking for you to use your imagination here to make me feel better. Suggestions immediately welcome.

For example, maybe he doesn't want people to know that he's single?


  1. Maybe he sees it as a career-limiting move to be "single". Perhaps he doesn't want people to try to set him up with someone, so he just removes it so it's not glaring him in the face.

  2. Exactly. I took mine off when I started my account. No one's business. Maybe that's what he's thinking?