Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Text Message that Wasn't

Scene: After he dropped me off in the taxi last night

Him: (2:51AM) Good to see you

Scene: This morning

Me: (11:29AM) It was good to see you too :)

Him: (11:43AM) Likewise :)

End scene

Outcome- me looking like an ass cause it looks like I texted first, though a laughable situation, I cursed cupid as to why he can't give me a freaking break for two seconds?

Necessary Outcome- him realizing he texted last night and feeling like an ass and apologizing for being such a drunken ass.


  1. i WISH thats how my texts turned out. im making
    myself feel better by telling myself its only been a few days, and i was mislead into thinking we were breaking up because of other issues and not because he didnt actually want to date. sigh

  2. One time I decided to send naughty text messages to an old boyfriend, but somehow they didn't go through immediately. We ended up getting in a nasty fight that night and the next day the naughty texts came through and I looked like a giant, desperate perv. I don't like text messaging much.