Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Good Slice

Friday night he asked to spend the night at my place (since it was late...yeah, right). 
We had been out with a few friends watching the Opening Ceremonies. 
He said he’d be respectful so I figured it’d be another night like this. 
But what can I say...I’m apparently irresistible in booty shorts. (sly smile)
We then hooked up from 1am-6 and I’m still having delicious flash backs from it. We stayed in bed the next morning and I’ve never had such trouble leaving my bed after 11am before. There was no other place I wanted to be. I was literally entwined in him and couldn’t stop smiling. We got breakfast and had one of those annoyingly great goodbye kisses.
So rather than taking it slow, we moved ahead a notch but talked about it the next day. 
It happened...we want it to happen again but need to stay in check. The emotional/trust component still needs to build up to a good solid place. 
Emotional paperwork aside...I hadn’t been held or touched or adored or wanted like that...since him. I know what you’re thinking blogger buddies...and here’s the thing...
This will probably end in pain right? Everyone and their mother has their guard up for me. Warning me about the guy who he was/is and what happened last time. 
But here’s the other thing, if you’ve been reading closely the last few years you’ve realized that outside of my love life, I’ve had my share of pain between work drama and friend/family ups and downs. 
That whole growing up thing? Yeah, it’s been happening non stop the last 5 years and it’s come with a cruise boat size of pain. Actually...more like the size of the Titanic and the iceberg combined. Needless to say, I’m used to pain, expect it and more or less know how to tread in it and I know it’ll come again, whether from him or anywhere else. 
So I’m going to keep going and inhaling the good moments I have with him. 
His touch makes me feel safe, and grounded and sexy as hell. And when I’ve had that slice of the pie empty for so long, it’s absolutely fucking lovely to have it filled with him right now. 


  1. I say enjoy it! There might be pain that comes your way but at least you are not closing your eyes and going in blind. Life is too short not to enjoy the good moments.

  2. Take as much happiness as you can from this experience. If its been so long and you think you both have changed, then start fresh. Don't try to compare to the person you guys used to be, just keep learning who you are now.