Monday, September 5, 2011


My foot actually popped last night. I didn’t know that shit can physically happen in real life.

Our third date was going to be drinks and then a comedy show but we were having such a good time just hanging out and talking, we skipped the show. We went to a few different bars and again, ended up being out from 8pm till after 3. And again we made out on more street corners then I could count. I’ve started to really like the red light that faces the crosswalk.

I got that look throughout the night that only a guy can give. The ‘I adore you’ look. The ‘I can’t wait to kiss you’ look. I like that look. A lot.

Being in front of my apartment building was the most mentally challenging part of the night. We were up against the side of the building and I’ll be honest, it was pretty fucking hot. He has this slow and gentle thing and then fast and hard switch off that drives me absolutely amazingly crazy. To the point where I can’t catch my breath and my foot pops.

Mentally a few dozen times I said ‘Okay, I can’t physically say no, so you’re going to have to.’ but the words didn’t come. He just kept on kissing me and running his fingers through my hair.

My head was dizzy and my body was sizzling.

After close to an hour I pushed him away. And breathed out the only two letter word I could say ‘OK.’

‘I’m out of town next weekend. So I want to see you this week. Let’s get dinner.’

I said again, ‘OK.’

We kissed again. Slow and soft this time.

My footing staggered while I walked through the front door. I smirked and turned around to meet his eyes. Every cell in my body wanted to grab him and drag him in. But the high from the anticipation was indescribable and I didn’t want it to end yet.

‘This week.’ I heard him say as I went through the door and tried to remember how to walk in a straight line. This week was off to a pretty good start and I hadn’t even watched True Blood yet.


  1. True Blood has been Ah-mazing. Just about as amazing as your evening! My foot pops, its weird, and loud. My friends hate it.

  2. Haha, it didn't pop pop. It popped up, haven't you seen The Princess Diary?

  3. Sounds absolutely fabulous!! I'm so happy that things are going well for you!