Sunday, September 25, 2011


Seriously, how is it that even though I've had:

an adult sleepover with C (bowchikabowwow)
a fancy gala date with C (date #6)

...and I'm:

about to move offices
about to move apartments
getting my period
prepping for my dad coming into town
planning a baby shower
trying to ditch those pesky late summer lbs

I still can't get that damn kiss out of my head??

It's playing on repeat while I'm out to dinner with friends, sweating at spin,
chain smoking, packing up my apartment and even worse, before I go to bed.

It was just a kiss. Why can't I handle a kiss? Why must my Lifetime Movie brain start planning fucking Fall pumpkin picking weekend getaways?


  1. I will say because you don't have the ex anymore. We always want what we don't have and don't appreciate what we currently have until its no longer. Plus, the good memories of the ex always read louder than the bad times. That is true for us all.

  2. Because if you're anything like me...kisses can be so much more than just two pairs of lips meeting with each other. Kisses are so much more personal. Julia Roberts explains it very well in Pretty Woman when she's telling Richard Gere why she doesn't kiss on the lips.

  3. I got to admit, kissing is very important. Why I can't get Billy Out of my mind because of the way we kiss when we are together.