Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stepping Out

It looks like C is on his way out. It’s too bad cause I did like him.

The momentum has slowed down too much and he’s not stepping up to put any effort into seeing me.

I haven’t seen him in 2.5 weeks, since the Gala. He canceled our dinner date over a week ago because he was too hungover. We were supposed to meet up at the same industry part this week but he flaked. I texted him to have a nice weekend when he didn't show up.

He’s clearly lost interest in me (though he still has been texting to see how my day goes)

And I’m frankly losing interest in him. I’m too amazing to waste my time chasing.

I've memorized 'He's Just Not That Into You' so I don't really need to analyze this one too much. If he wanted to be with me after those 7 dates, then he would be.

A word for the Angel/Angelus guys out there- when you sleep with a girl like myself and lose interest, it really is fine. I'm a big girl and fully get the whole casual dating thing. I can write my own book on it. But next time, don't put the effort of 7 dates in and don't say yes to a black tie affair. I'd rather have saved the 50 bucks.

The EX emails/texts me every day. He invited me out for group drinks last night. I joined them after going to temple services. He was drunk.

More drunk then anyone else there. He stood out and no one really knew what to do. We still talked but not about anything that happened.

Our friendship is what it is at this point, until he decides to step up. See a pattern here?

I did get to catch up with the music guy though. So when the ex was too busy doing shots and swaying, I put my attentions on to him. We still make each other laugh and things have never been weird between us. He knows he can call me to hang out, but at this point again, if he was going to step up, he would've back in May.

And in other news...I shaked up with the Brit the night that C flaked out on me. We actually have a really fun time together but have never asked anything more from each other. Maybe he’s worth a shot at this point. We’ve been hooking up off and on for a year. Why not find out how he takes his coffee...and maybe his last name.


  1. I am sorry the C is not working out. You sound okay with it though. You are right though you are worth them putting in the effort.

  2. Naming it the Angel/Angelus thing is genius!! Whatever with guys like that, this is why I don't put out anymore... okay, I'm not going on dates, so thats the real reason, but same thing almost.

  3. Ugh, I hate it when guys pull the disappear. It's okay if you have only been on one or two dates, or just causally talking, but not after seven! Kick that sucker to the curb!