Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reality Check

I'm not saying I've let the dark side take over but my heavy cynicism keeps peaking every now and then. Right before I left for vacation things were getting tense between a flakey friend/coworker of mine named L. She's been a good friend this year and is the girl I hang out with at industry parties and when I really feel like drinking hard. When I feel like drying out and not being around people, then we have less to talk about. And again, she flakes on plans all the time. L is the kind of girl that will bail at the last second if something better comes up but will then lie about it. She also makes big arm gestures when she's talking/being dramatic and putting on a 'I need attention' show. Remind me why do I hang out with her again??

Anyway, at work we had two days last week where projects we worked on kept getting messed up and in short, I learned she's a shitty communicator. We haven't talked too much since I've been back in town but she did email me a message she got from her ex, asking me what she should do:

"every time i go to text you, i realize i don't have your number. and then i forget to ask you for it after the fact. i broke my phone a few weeks ago. numbers = gone. so, text me sometime. you're hot"

This girl needs to read Why Do Men Love Bitches and she needs to read it yesterday.

Luckily I was busy catching up with work so I didn't reply to her or see her the rest of the day.

Maybe it's because I've been around too many broken relationships the last six months BUT does anyone else see that message translated to:

"sometimes I think about having sex with you and then I forget about you. i run into you and we have sex when we're drunk. then i don't see you for awhile and i get horny at 3am and wish you'd just come over to have sex and then leave. i don't want to talk to you though or spend any real time with you. can you get hung up on me again and text me so we can have sex whenever i want?"

P.S. Last week made plans to get drinks with the Brit tonight. The last communication was from me saying ok let's be in touch next week to pick a place. Was I wrong to not text/call him this week? In either case, guess who didn't get a followup text this week to sort out plans and is not drinking with a Brit right now?

P.P.S. I could go off on a bitter rant, but the funny thing is, I expected him to not get in touch with me so I'm not surprised and not mad. Isn't it great when you just start assuming people will disappoint you? At least I have time to catch up on my book club book.

P.P.P.S If you think I deserve a good romp and should just text him when I'm out this weekend, shoot me a comment.


  1. I think you deserve it, but will you be upset with yourself if you contact him?

  2. P.P.P.P.S Guess who has to work all weekend with the guy she still has feelings over/despises at the same time? This is why alcohol was invented. FML