Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Timing

I'm mentally exhausted after these last two days, and my liver hates me too. I was on a project this weekend with my old bf, which meant quality time in an empty office. I felt nervous and good to be around him. He was nice and jokey and fun. And shocker, that it gave me all sorts of mixed emotions again. I hate how he's nice to me now when he did such a shitty job at the end of our relationship. It's confusing and painful and makes me still have feelings for him. I'm going to talk to him and tell him how I feel (I know I've sung that tune before.) I just don't know when. In the mean time I'm going to put all my energy into finding a new job. And the gym. Just keep reminding me of the last part, you know- the whole focus on me thing!

One of my best high school friends named V moved to the city to live with her boyfriend. I now have an extra genuine friend in town and she couldn't have arrived at a better time. I was moody and bitchy and ranty at dinner tonight and she let me complain. It was great. I didn't have to pretend with her. I'm fortunate that she's here now.

She's the most sensible girl I know in a relationship. She's moving in with her BF of 6 years and she's going in with this attitude: now is the time to get to know him and see if we can really make the relationship work. If it doesn't work and we can't live together, it'd suck but at least we'll know.
She's not promising herself happily ever after and I think that's great. I know too many girls that put too much pressure on the big next step and it's just unrealistic and they get burned.

Another example of how great this girl is: he recently asked her to give up drinking. She said fine but requested that he gives up something too. He said ok. She told him to grow up and give up acting like a kid. She told him to be more romantic and adult. He tried but said he wasn't ready. So we're going out drinking next weekend.


  1. Is it give up drinking or over drinking? I have a friend that needs to give up over drinking before she turns into her mother.

  2. He wanted her to give up drinking. She doesn't have a problem but her BF is pretty conservative and doesn't drink. He puts pressure on her to not drink but she's always ignored it till now- where she uses it as leverage :)
    Also, I think we're all destined to become our parents.

  3. How true we are destined to take on some of our parents traits.