Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Open Call

I recently got a facebook email from a guy I had one date with when I studied in London in 2004. Were were in one class together and went out for Italian in my neighborhood. I remember laughing a lot...and being so nervous that I ate sushi before the date. We didn't kiss, but I remember it being one of the best dates I ever had. Nothing happened afterwards but we've been in touch. He lives in Rhode Island and I haven't seen him since I was 19.

We've had a long distance back pocket friendship since then. In touch, because we both knew we had that one great date.

The message said he wanted to come and visit me in the City and take me out 'for lunch or something'. This probably isn't happening till February but later he messaged me again and asked if I was seeing anyone who'd be mad about him taking me out. All I could think was 'Oh, so it's THAT kind of lunch. K, I'll remember to shave.'

I'm open to seeing him and not expecting a thing. He was seeing someone for a few years and they were living together. I guess I don't have to ask if he's still seeing her. Oh shit, maybe I should. Who someone was at 19 isn't who they are over 8 years later...

Well I wanted to widen my dating circle this year and I guess the universe is responding in it's typical quirky offbeat way.
Bring it '12...bring it.


  1. Ohhh I like the sounds of this!!

  2. It often amazes how people get back in touch after long periods of separation. 8 years does seem like a lifetime ago for one your age.