Monday, January 2, 2012


Alright, I'm now officially signed up for online dating. I'm tired of my mother asking me. She's so adament that she's reinbursing me. Also, whenever I get stuck with some area of my life I typically remind myself that 'If what you're doing isn't working, try anything else." So, here goes.

So far the most interesting email I've gotten is a guy telling me I'm too pretty to be online dating. Then he said that the odds of finding someone online is like winning the lottery...he didn't mention that he felt like he won when he saw me. If this was a Lifetime movie, that would've been the next line.

I gotta say the biggest thing I don't like is being able to see who's viewed you. In theory this is a good thing but doesn't it really just show you whose passed on you? And who doesn't like your photoes enough to even send one of those pre-made generic emails? All it does is show you whose looked at you and doesn't like you. I need the guy perspective on this..

Also- so NOT a fan of the instant message feature. All I can think is- please at least try pretending you know how to write full sentences in some clever way that gets my attention. 'What's up?' via a chat window is a deal breaker.

Any advice or tips? I'm off to a coffee shop.


  1. Good luck! Go on as many dates as you're asked. Be open to possibilites!

  2. Privacy or account settings. you should be able to set it so that you don't see who has viewed your profile, but that's usually a supposedly unwanted side-effect due to making it so that nobody can see when you've viewed their profile. that's the way it goes for okcupid, anyhow.

    I set mine that way, so that I wouldn't see that I was attracting mostly men that I don't want.

  3. Good for you!! I think its a great idea. I almost did online dating once but EHARMONY ACTUALLY REJECTED ME!!! It makes me feel pretty freaking good I have had two eligible boyfriends in almost the entire time since (starting shortly after the rejection) including my current man. At any rate -- if eharmony rejected me, a few online guys shouldn't sting you too much. Brush it off girl and Good luck! -T.

  4. If this is your first experience to online dating, don't take it too harshly. And turn off the IM feature. At least 6/10 profiles are men that cannot spell or use proper grammar, and that is no matter what site I have used, free sites like OkCupid, or Match.

    Online dating does work, but its just like normal dating, some things pan out, some don't. My friend got married to a guy she met online. I've dated good guys I met online.

  5. For me, being extremely specific about what I DIDN'T want, worked. Sure, I said what I was looking for but I also specified that I wouldn't respond to people who didn't meet my criteria. These included any naked shots (including showoff torsos), people who sent generic approaches, people who couldn't spell or who used textspeech, people outside my specified area, people without a photo and people who weren't prepared to take time going through the stages of emails, IM, calls and then a date.

    Sure, I got a few messages telling me that I wasn't goodlooking enough to be choosy, but I also met my current boyfriend on my third date. That was two years ago and we are now moving in together.

    Good luck, whatever your approach!

  6. Yes! Turn off the IM feature. It's creepy.