Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Brief List

On how to:
get over him/get past him for a bit/get distracted from the break/
get to know yourself again/
be productive/temporarily remind yourself that you have a life/don't need him every second of every day to complete you when everything every second of every day already reminds you of him:
^--slight slip up in the anger/sad zone

1. make plans
(check accept to every evite, facebook email and random text you get. even if that requires you spending money you don't have till your next paycheck, drinking towers of beer with no food in your stomach or crying in the middle of your best friends birthday dinner...say yes)

2. laugh
(even if it's at youtube narcoleptic dogs or Australian comedians)

3. look good
(whether you're going to bed, seeing him at work, or running to the store to buy shampoo...don't budge till you can look in the mirror and nod in satisfaction)

4. read Cosmo
(because the lack of sex will murder your sex drive and any connection to your spend the extra five bucks and take an extra hour out of your schedule to take notes)

1 comment:

  1. And work out. Because all the alcohol and drunk food catches up to you fast. And when you run into him 2 months later you want him to want to kill himself for being such a moron. least thats also on my list. ugh