Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poem: BBQ Fest

An update is coming soon. But in the meantime please enjoy this quirky poem by me inspired by the annual Big Apple BBQ Festival that took place this weekend.
It's about how simple reoccurring events in our lives remind us of the good and bad times when we least expect it. Enjoy!

Two years ago,

you paid and we sat with your friends.

We went back to my apartment,

napped, had sex

and went to your apartment.

We ate, had sex and went to bed.

You made me vanilla coffee in the morning.

Last year,

we were friends.

You invited me to join you.

I said I would.

But I couldn’t leave my apartment.

This year,

I walked past.

And didn’t think of you until later.

We aren’t friends.

Now, I hope you’re happy,

and banging a fatty whose bad in bed.


  1. Well it may be a poem but I love the punch line none the less

  2. LMAO!!! The final line of this is comedic gold :) Hope you had fun at the BBQ festival--I missed it but heard it was a great time!