Friday, August 17, 2012

(Un) Lucky # 13

We were always told that love came with sex. 
So what happens when sex is just sex and love is elsewhere...dangling along a street sign a couple zip codes away and hasn’t been officially jotted down yet?
(i.e. my new non ex and me)
Alright, I’m not trying to excuse every hussy out there. 
Just me. Because I feel shitty.
I was protecting myself. Ugh.
(blowing emotionally chunks in background)
Is this the excuse that cheaters give themselves? 
Though! (triple million explanation marks) I’m not a cheater. 
We are not locked down to each other. 
Sure, there’s been some dating and some adult sleepovers 
(one day I’ll grow up and call it sex) 
and feelings floating around all over the place 
we are NOT exclusive.
AND just because I politely and gracefully asked him to not sleep with anyone else/tell me if he did/but don’t sleep with anyone else...does NOT mean...I can’t.
He never asked me.
SO technically all rules pertaining to me are void.
I’m just here to give him a try 
like we talked about on the 4th of July. 
(see archives, I'm too tired to link up)
No pressure on either side right?
IF my best friend’s non-boyfriend’s best friend happens to be this hot Hawaiian ONLY in town for the weekend, 
CAN you really blame me? 
I mean, mentally I told him five times that I wasn’t going to sleep with him...
cause I was seeing my new non ex in 24 hours...
SO it’s not my fault that he didn’t hear me.
I had fun. Quit judging. 
If you have to feel bad for me, than feel bad because of the golf instructional video that was on the entire time.
What do they call that?


  1. I am slightly disappointed, sorry, as a friend I would be on your side and and say, "your right" at all the correct moments... still.

  2. Are you having your cake and ice cream too? Is this what that was? I don't know, I wouldn't ask for something from someone else (exclusivity) if I wasn't offering it myself. Personally, I think its implied.

    But, what do I know? I fail at all my mini relationships, so there's that.

  3. I would never pass judgment here, because you know what? I'm not in your shoes. And I remember feeling completely conflicted about things when I was starting to exclusive with someone. It would always frighten me. That being said, I think that you and this guy need to have a heart-to-heart. Because it might be helpful to have things drawn out in the sand. How would you feel if he went and shacked up with the cute Hawaiian chick in town for the weekend? AGAIN NOOOO judgment (promise!) but I think sometimes it takes having to step back to realize that boundaries need to be established, you know?

    Best of luck and look forward to following along! XOXO