Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Remember this guy...

He emailed me out of the blue and asked if he could come into town to take me out to lunch...

clearly at this point I already knew what the gist was, but he decided to email me recently to put it all in black and white. Remember, I haven't seen this guy since 2004...

His email: the following question might need some context and may seem forward - what are your feelings on casual sexual relationships?

My reply: Haha- overall they tend to be a good idea. I don't judge people for having them. Depends on the context though.

His reply: well, the context might be more fun over lunch. but here's the jist of things: I'm currently in an open relationship, so if you required attention of a intimate nature, after a lunch date, then I wouldn't hesitate to volunteer.
this is by no means the focus of us getting together - however, if it happened that an encounter such as this fit your a.) moral standings, b.) current relationship availability, and c.) time availability - it might be something to consider. knowing people's emotions towards to concept of open relationships is understandable. so if it didn't vibe well with your world view, then no pressure :)

End scene.

Sooo in short if online dating or meeting my man in a coffee shop doesn't pan out I can always become a mistress apparently...with a man who lives in a different state. Come on 2012, work with me here!


  1. If I wasn't in a relationship (for 17 years, married for 12), why the heck not? No strings? No pretenses? An obvious connection and trust - go get him, Tiger. and ENJOY!

  2. Some people, I swear. At least he was polite?