Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slow Workings

If I could spend all my time at work just crushing and lingering around MG (music guy AKA work crush) then we would probably be further along, but I have to go to stupid meetings and do stupid work the majority of the time. So during the week our interaction is limited to him saying hi as he’s walking past my desk to go to the men’s room.

Luckily my best friend at work, C, sits right next to him so I have chances to go over there but unluckily the senior guy I work with sits over there too. Most of the time I get stuck by him and don’t get any farther down the line. Again, if I could just spend my time at work plotting and executing casual interactions with MG I’d be a happier camper and so would my who-hah.

I’m a good multi-tasker though so here’s where my plotting took me last week. Even though I was out of the office on a shoot, I made moves of course.

I had tentative plans to get drinks with C Thursday after work so I wrote MG in an email asking if he wanted to join. First non work related email by the way. It had to happen sometime so why not from me with the subject line of ‘Yo’. He said he wants to but it’d have to be early cause he had band practice. Swoon.

I ended up shooting late so I wrote him an email to reschedule for Friday but didn’t mention C’s name. Kinda genius, I know. He responded with enthusiasm.

I of course, made backup plans. A coworker I barely knew was having a going away party at a bar by work. My backup plan was to meet another coworker there.

I went back to the office after shooting and casually walked to MG’s desk and said I was going to the bar around the corner if he wanted to meet me out. I kept it simple.

I didn’t ask how late he was working or if C wanted to come. (I already knew she was stressed and not in the mood to drink).

I went to the bar and 15 minutes later he shows up. He doesn’t bring anyone, and doesn’t know anyone but me. We grab stools at the bar away from the group and he buys a round. I’m elated, of course.

In the first five minutes he asked me what my old BF was doing. I said I didn’t know.

He said he thinks he’s out of town shooting. I said again, I didn’t know.

I moved the conversation on from there and he wasn’t brought up again.

We talk for the next few hours and he asks what I’m doing this weekend. I tell him relaxing and catching up on sleep. I ask him and he said no plans tomorrow night. He says maybe I can call you and we can hang out. I give him my number. Again, elated.

He ends with saying we should do this again really soon.

He didn’t call. Shrug. I realized later I probably played up too much that I wanted to do nothing all weekend instead of talking about what we’d do. So moving on. Things have been the same this week at work with casual hi’s and smiles.

In conclusion: He has my number, what the heck is he waiting for?


  1. Maybe he doesn't want to mix work and pleasure? I wouldn't beat yourself up about playing up not doing anything over the weekend. Give him some time and if he doesn't call, next! :)

  2. Well you certainly played it right. He could have more going on than we know. Give it a little time.

  3. I agree with Breezy. If he wanted to call, he would. I say don't invite him anywhere and see what HE does. Good luck!

  4. He sounds interested! Give it time!

  5. I agree with Lifebegins, don't invite him to anything, however, if you want to play it sneaky, then the next time you go out after work with C, have C invite him, and not mention your name. See what he does, but don't invite him yourself or initiate contact besides a friendly "Hi" in the office or a smile from across the bar.

    If nothing transpires, oh well, you approached this perfectly cool.

  6. I agree with Breezy and Lifebegins. The ball is in his court officially since he has your number. Be cool and friendly at work, but I wouldn't go out of my way to invite him anywhere.