Thursday, September 9, 2010


Quick question blogger buddies-

If you were given a gift- to go anywhere for 7-10 days, where would you go?
A solo travel adventure, paid for...any suggestions?


  1. I would say Europe. I would like to see something old, really old like in Germany, France or Italy. Lately I've been wanting to see the Vatican and I am not even religious, so when we going my passport is ready!

    And the word verification I just got is "fling" how much more Karma do we need ;).

  2. Someplace tropical and exotic like Fiji!

  3. Ireland has been on my mind for the past 2 years. But I'm always down for the beach, so maybe a trip to Greece is in order?!??! Wherever you go have fun! And know that I'm severely jealous!

  4. Austrailia. But if you've never been overseas at all, I would go to the UK.

  5. So sorry I missed this one! I have not checked up on you in so long and i'm sad about this!! :)

    Anyway, I would DEFINITELY go to Italy if I were you. There really is something about the Tuscan sun... and the people there are so warm and friendly.

    Hope you're doing well, friend!