Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Get Hurt

I could write a book about how to get hurt. 
It would include how to be friends with people who constantly let you down, 
details of what job gives you the least amount of respect and how to get emotionally taken advantage of by your family. I'm a master at all three.
And then there would be a chapter about being brave enough to spend time with exes as they slowly move on to your 'positive people in my life' list.
Yes, I have one of those lists every now and then. It helps make things simpler and gets rid of the negative people pretty damn fast. Try it.

Of course there'd be a chapter about keeping your guard up with your ex at all times and then how sometimes (like tonight) no guard seems high enough or thick enough. 
And it just sucks. 
It was the second time he proposed us getting together. We had been texting, being our typical bantery selves. 
And I needed a positive friend night so I said yes to seeing him. 

Both of our end of work time was up in the air but we figured by 7:30 we'll be meeting up.

At 7:30 he called me and asked if I wanted to go to a coworkers going way party. He needed to stop by for a drink.
I told him I didn't want to see old coworkers and he understood. I'd hang out at the book store. He said he'd be 30-40 mins max. We figured we'd be sitting down to eat somewhere by 8:15pm.

And now, scene:

Him 830p: Boss just bought me a drink and then I'm on my way out.
Me: K.
Me 855:  Let's just reschedule. I need to eat something.
Him 905: I'm finishing up but understand if you want to leave.
Me: I'm going to head out.  We'll reschedule.
Him: I'm do sorry  
*note: he actually typed 'do' and not 'so'- more points lost.*
Him: When are you good next?
Him: Again sorry (sent with picture of a smiling pug dog)

I then walked over forty blocks back to my apartment in heels trying to figure out what happened.

Cynical cat lady won this round. Cinderalla can stick a glass slipper up her ass.


  1. I'm with you on this tonight. Ugh.

  2. I am with you too, people suck. Send me an email and I will and you to my private blog so you can see-- you are not the only one.

  3. If he did this, then he is not a positive person.

  4. Agree with Sarah. And I am so familiar with this type of scenario that I could be a co-author!

  5. He treated you like a backup plan. You deserve better, don't settle.

  6. Maybe try cutting him out of your life. You do deserve better. It wouldn't be OK for a friend to treat you this way, so why should he get away with it?